Safety Lanyards

Are all safety lanyards created equal? In premise, this is true. For shock absorbing lanyards, OSHA requires that in the event of a fall the forces to the body will not exceed 1800 lbs. ANSI requirements, however, are much more stringent and most fall protection companies manufacture their products to meet the ANSI standard here in the U.S.

Fall safety lanyards come in different configurations depending on the requirements of the job. Carson Safety offers shock absorbing lanyards, non-shock absorbing lanyards and lanyard extensions. Use these lanyards with safety lifeline systems as well with retractable lifelines.

Internal Shock Lanyard
The Internal Shock Lanyard is made with a heavy-duty outer polyester webbing and a polyester core specially sewn in to reduce impact forces. This lanyard does not stretch, and has no shock pack, so it is lightweight.

Non-Shock Absorbing Lanyard
Allows workers to attach to an anchorage point or system with enough length to safely complete the job

Shock Absorbing Lanyard
All Guardian Shock Absorbing Lanyards have a clear pack for instruction and inspection

Heavy Duty Shock Absorbing Lanyard
Great for use with the BEAMER™ (00101) or RAIL MASTER™ (00200) and other systems where no overhead anchorage point is available and workers must tie-off at their feet.

Stretch Lanyard
We provide a variety of Stretch lanyards which help reduce trip hazards by stretching from 41/2 feet to 6 feet. The stretch design lessens the potential of tripping, dragging and snagging during work. All of our Stretch Lanyards meets all applicable OSHA

Misc Lanyards