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Why provide safety training?

Are you Trained in Fall Protection & Do you Have the Necessary Protection?

All employers must provide training that teaches employees fall prevention and how to be aware of fall hazards. It is the employers responsibility to provide its employees with all the appropriate fall protection that is required to complete their job.

According to OSHA, for the state of Arizona; employers will receive $25,000 penalty for each employee that suffers serious injuries and/or deaths.  

When is Fall Protection Needed?

"Falling from a distance?"

The Appropriate Height in Where Fall Protection is Needed.

December 28, 2009

"Fall protection must be provided at four feet in general industry, five feet in maritime and six feet in construction. However, regardless of the fall distance, fall protection must be provided when working over dangerous equipment and machinery." reference

Employers are to determine if the working environment in which the employees work are considered free of all recognized hazards. All walking/working surfaces are to be deemed as "safe" (possessing strength and structural integrity to support workers). When an employee is exposed to falling 6 feet or more, OSHA approved fall protection method must be used; guardrail system, or personal fall arrest system.

Inspecting and cleaning safety equipment

Premium Cross Arm Straps - instructions tag

Ever wonder how to properly clean and maintain something that your life depends on. After researching OSHA's website they offered vital information that everyone that owns a safety harnesses and lanyard should be aware of.

Basic Knowledge

  • Be sure to inspect your equipment on a daily basis
  • Any defective equipment should be replaced; if there is any doubt about the safety of the equipment do not risk your life
  • Any equipment that has been involved in a fall should be replaced; that includes ropes too
  • Every piece of fall arrest equipment should be inspected and certified at least yearly.

Premium Cross Arm Straps from Guardian Fall Protection

Premium Cross Arm Straps

The Premium Cross Arm Straps is a versatile safety anchor that is typically used as an anchor point in commercial and residential construction. This Guardian Fall Protection safety product is available in two lengths. The Premium Cross Arm Straps twelve foot (12 ft.) and the Premium Cross Arm Straps six foot (6 ft.) safety anchors have a large D-Ring at one end and a small D-Ring at the other end.

Guardian Fall Protection Parapet Safety Anchor System installation and use demonstration

Parapet Anchor System from Guardian Fall Protection

What Fall Prevention Equipment product is the best fit if you are working on the side of a building, you need an anchor point and all you have above is a parapet wall? My recommendation is the Parapet Anchor System from Guardian Fall Protection. This versatile Safety Anchor can be used on a tilt wall, solid wall or solid grounded block.

This blog article is a description and demonstration on how to install this safety anchor on a parapet wall.

PPE - Personal Protective Equipment

PPE - image

Wearing Personal Protective Equipment PPE is not enough!

Most people think that if you wear fall protection / PPE you are safe. If you don't wear your PPE properly, it can cause more harm than help. Injuries can occur if your harness leg straps are not tight enough or if your harness chest connector is too low

Ace Concrete Safety Anchor

Test Caption

Guardian Fall Protection recently released the Ace Concrete Safety Anchor. This anchor is ideal for when you can get to the job site before they pour the concrete and you can actually cast and place your Ace Concrete Safety Anchor any where you want in the building. Place and cast the Ace Concrete Safety Anchor in the walls or in the ceiling, select the locations that will serve as the most efficient anchor points.

This anchor is rated for 10,000 pounds so you can run and support a horizontal lifeline and have two people connected to the lifeline.

Fall Protection Equipment while operating a Boom / Aerial Lift

Aerail / Boom lift

OSHA is now enforcing the Fall Protection regulation that prohibits the use of 6ft shock absorbing lanyards while operating a boom / aerial lift. The reason why you can't use a 6ft shock absorbing lanyard is the fact that you are exposed to different heights. if you fall from less than 18.5 ft, you have a good chance of hitting the ground.

It is recommended to use a 3 or 4 foot non-shock absorbing lanyard or a small retractable safety lanyard. You must wear Fall Prevention Equipment while in the boom lift and you must be tied off at all times. When operating the boom lift, an operator stands in the basket and drives. If you hit a bump, you could bounce out of the basket and be seriously injured. By wearing the correct Fall Arrest protection such as a short non shock absorbing lanyard, or safety retractable, you are less likely to fall out.

Guardian Fall Protection 5K Concrete Anchor and 10K Concrete Anchor


This Blog article will provide an overview of the installation and use of the Guardian Fall Protection 5K Concrete Anchor and 10K Concrete Anchor.

The 1" 10,000 pound capacity concrete safety anchor can be used as a standalone anchor or horizontal lifeline that can support two workers. For use as a horizontal lifeline, follow the OSHA guidelines for distance, weight and use.

Safety Videos is proud to bring you a set of safety videos to help you use and install your safety equipment. Mike Maloney the Saftguy shows you the proper way of using your safety equipment. He is trained in all of the products shown on this page. If you have any questions after you have watched these videos, Mike would be happy to answer any remaining questions on these products or any products that sells. Call him at 888-723-8489.

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Ace Concrete Safety Anchor

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Guardian C.R.D (Controlled Rapid Descent) Device (HD)

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Bucket Of Safe-Tie

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Tux Harness

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Guardian Safe-T Ladder System

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