Safety Anchors

Anchorage connectors are used to connect lanyards, lifelines or self-retracting lifelines to a suitable anchor point. Anchor points must conform to applicable fall protection standards, namely, 5000 lbs strength or twice the expected load. Of all aspects of the fall protection standard, understanding anchor points, their intended load and load transfer to the structure is one of the most commonly misunderstood.

According to the National Safety Council: The capacity of fall arrest equipment refers to the maximum weight that an individual who is using the products (with clothing, tools and equipment) can weigh. Capacity should not be confused with the overall strength of a fall arrest system. For example, a typical anchorage point for a fall arrest system will support 5,000 pounds per person attached to the system. An important thing to remember is the capacity of this system is not 5,000 pounds; the capacity is 310 pounds and the anchorage point for the 310-pound (maximum) person falling is 5,000 pounds.

Roof Anchors
We carry a complete line of fall protection solutions to keep your employees safe. Explore our product based upon type: Fall Prevention, Fall Arrest, & Fall Restraint.

Commercial Anchors
We carry a wide variety of temporary or permanent anchors. This would include cast-in-place for concrete or just a simple cross arm strap.